3 tips for designing your dream kitchen island

Monday Feb 12th, 2018


From bold patterns to stand-out pieces, the kitchen is getting a lot of attention from designers this year. Whether you are planning a reno or new build, these tips may inspire you to create the perfect trendy kitchen island you've always wanted.

Make it the focal point

A kitchen island is a natural place for family and guests to congregate, so make it the centerpiece it deserves to be. Not only do marble and granite countertops look luxurious and add significant value to your home, but the natural stone accents also provide a durable workspace that is easy to maintain. Consider completing the aesthetic with a stand-out light fixture to really make a statement.

Make it double-duty

Adding an island to your kitchen is an excellent solution for creating extra storage and counter space for cooking and food preparation. With a few chairs, it often doubles as a breakfast bar, but why stop there? Add an integrated beverage fridge and shelving to store your cocktail glasses for a built-in bar – convenient for frequent entertainers.

Make it functional

Add more function to your basic kitchen island with the addition of a cooktop, sink or dishwasher. Don't let complicated or expensive plumbing work stand in your way. The Sanivite drain water pump from Saniflo is ideally suited for use anywhere in the home where additional plumbing fixtures are needed. This above-floor pump is small enough to fit conveniently within a cabinet without taking up too much space, making it the perfect plumbing solution for your kitchen island.


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