5 simple tips for loving your laundry room

Thursday Aug 31st, 2017


Considering how many hours you dedicate to washing load after load of clothes, its a surprise that more time and effort is not spent on the design and decor of your laundry room. Looking to update your space? Try these five simple tips:

1. Unique Flooring. Flooring does not have to be dull or boring. Use your laundry room floors to make a statement with fun pattern tiles or — for a quick-fix — use a chic area rug to give the space added warmth.

2. Consider colour. Do not be afraid to bring colour into your laundry space with a fresh coat of paint, fun accessories, or even the appliances themselves. GE Appliances recently launched their GE Designer Line laundry pair in diamond grey — a beautiful dark grey finish that can bring classic sophistication to any laundry space.

3. All in the details. Bring items that you love and cherish from throughout your home into your laundry space for an added personal touch. Try elegant decanters filled with laundry detergent or vintage laundry baskets as decor items.

4. Beautiful storage. Incorporate design-friendly storage throughout your laundry room that delivers on both style and function. Try adding a sophisticated armoire with interior shelving, or install a built-in ironing board that can easily be tucked away.

5. Think sink. If you are renovating your laundry room, now is the time to think about plumbing. Consider installing a beautiful utility sink alongside your washer, for easy access. In addition to being functional, a beautiful sink can become a laundry room showpiece.

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