5 tips for better raking this season

Thursday Aug 31st, 2017


You may not love it, but raking the leaves needs to be done —at least in your front yard, where the neighbours can see! Brushing up on your technique can make it easier on your body as well as your mind. “If you're smart about how you do it, it really does make raking much easier,” offers John Ladds, operations manager at Weed Man Canada.

Ladds suggests a few easy tips to ameliorate an otherwise sore chore:

1. Pick your time wisely. Save raking for a day when the yard is dry and the wind is minimal.

2. Use only the best tools for the job. There's no shortage of modern leaf removal tools available these days, including alternatives to hand-held rakes such as power rakes and leaf blowers

3. Be efficient. Try making several smaller piles and dispose of each individually. Even better, try gathering them into a pile atop a plastic tarp — this makes it a cinch to drag to your compost bin or yard waste bag.

4. Remember it's physical. Wearing gloves can prevent blisters, standing up straight helps prevent fatigue, and picking up leaves by bending with your legs can minimize backache.

5. Pull double-duty. For less dense leaf cover, or if you keep on top of it frequently, using a mulching lawn mower can take care of business fast. “Provided the clippings are small enough to not smother your lawn, mulching fall leaves can be an excellent strategy for dealing with leaf buildup and at the same time return valuable nutrients back to the soil,” explains Ladd.

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