Could your garage use a makeover?

Thursday Jul 18th, 2019


A messy garage is a waste of space and can cause you to put off doing yardwork and other DIY jobs longer than you should. Whether you’re handy or not, check out these tips to create a garage that can motivate you to tackle seasonal and year-round outdoor jobs. 

  1. Go cordless. Nowadays, many people rely on cordless power tools for ease and accessibility on the job.  Same goes for outdoor cleaning tasks – with a cordless tool you don’t need to worry about finding an outlet or take a chance mixing moisture and electricity. 
  2. A utility vacuum is a must-have.  Choose a model that is cordless with compact size for easy storage, like the utility vacuum from Hoover’s OnePwr range, that tackles both wet and dry messes tracked in from shoes, DIY projects, and more. 
  3. Consider curb appeal. Tidy up the exterior of your home and make a great first impression. Trim hedges, mow the lawn and don’t forget to clear leaves or other debris from your yard and walkway. Using a blower makes it easier to localize the mess and keep neighbours happy.
  4. Illuminate your space. Every garage should be equipped with a task light. Whether it’s needed to brighten the attic above your garage to deter critters, assist your precision in renovation projects, or brighten up an impromptu camping night in the backyard, a movable outdoor task light can serve multiple purposes. Another good idea is to keep a second task light in your vehicle for safety purposes.

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