Easy basement renovation projects that make a difference

Wednesday Apr 10th, 2019


Spring is the perfect time to tackle those DIY projects you’ve been putting off. If updating your basement into a fresh and usable space is on your list, check out these ideas from contractor and HGTV host Bryan Baeumler:

Add quality subflooring. When renovating your basement, prioritize the projects that will have the biggest impact on the space, and your energy bills. Not just an option but a necessity, subflooring protects against mould and mildew production while making floors feel warmer by insulating against cold concrete. DriCore subfloors also help you save on heating bills, protect your finished floors, and make them feel softer to stand on. They’re also easy to install – installation of a room can be done in half a day.

Upgrade your windows. Lighting is so important in any room, but especially in basements that can be dark and dreary. Fortunately, there ways to make the space brighter even if you’re dealing with limited windows. For example, you can expand the window well surrounding your small windows outdoors. A terraced window well with plants can bring more natural light and greenery downstairs. If you’re feeling confident and have the space, you can even build a walkout to your backyard.

Design your storage. No one likes coming down to a messy, cluttered basement with disorganized clothes and holiday decorations. But a thoughtful, planned area for storing seasonal items can make the space feel more inviting and make it easier to find things. Create a cheerful space with custom shelving, colourful plastic or textured woven storage baskets, and some pops of colour using space-dividing curtains or painted cabinetry.

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