How to hire a kitchen contractor

Thursday Oct 05th, 2017


Just because every home has a kitchen doesn't mean every contractor is capable of delivering a great kitchen reno. Kitchen work is specialized, so you need to be sure the contractor you choose has the skills to make it a success.

Besides asking for references and checking with past customers for every contractor you're considering, ask questions about the way the kitchen will be designed. Many kitchen specialists have computer software that allows you to see different layouts and material choices in three dimensions. There's no need for you to imagine what anything looks like ahead of time these days.

Also, be sure to ask about the details of the hardware and materials used in cabinets before committing to a particular contractor. Ask to see the hinges and drawer slides that'll be used. Inquire about materials, too. Few kitchen contractors actually make their own cabinets, so request details about who the fabricator is because you might need replacement doors or drawers down the road.

Kitchen renovations are among the most complicated projects you can undertake. Spend time finding a professional contractor or specialty company that's earned a solid reputation for their work. Remember that a true pro will provide you with a very detailed contract that lays out every aspect of your project, including costs and the payment schedule — never work with someone who won't provide this sort of written document.

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