Insulate your window and your wallet this winter

Wednesday Oct 25th, 2017


While windows make our homes bright, cheerful places to live, they're also responsible for almost 25 per cent of heat loss, which results in a higher energy bill. So as the weather gets colder and we turn up the heat in our homes, make sure a draft doesn't creep in through your windows.

Replacing your windows can be costly and is not always a practical solution. Instead, try these tips from Hydro One to stop the heat from escaping:

1. As much as 13 per cent of your home's heat loss could be escaping through gaps between the trim of window frames. If possible, stuff insulation between the window and frame. If that's not an option, try caulking around the window.

2. Build a barrier against the cold by sealing your windows with plastic sheeting in the winter. This is an inexpensive solution, as all you need is a hair dryer, double-sided tape and some plastic sheeting, available at home improvement stores. There are indoor and outdoor options available for plastic sheeting as well, so purchase the one that suits your needs.

3. Opening your window coverings on a sunny winter day will allow the sun to warm up your home. But once the sun sets, you should close them in order to trap that warmth inside. Lined curtains will also help with drafts during cooler outdoor temperatures.

Got windows that are more than 20 years old? Looking into replacing them may not be a bad idea.

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