Keeping your roof top of mind

Thursday Jan 04th, 2018


Winter can be tough on many parts of a home. Whether it's snow, ice or rain, our windows, porches and driveways take a beating. When performing seasonal maintenance, be sure to look up — your roof is one of your property's most vulnerable areas.

“Canadians are always clearing their driveways or scraping their windshields after the snow or ice, but the roof is out of sight, so it can get overlooked,” explains Glenn Cooper from Aviva. “By taking steps to check and care for your roof during the season, you can help avoid a leakage and extend the life of your roof at the same time.”

No matter what material makes up your roof, snow and ice can cause severe and expensive damage. If left untended, the result could be water damage that trickles inside your house as well. Cooper recommends these tips to check and clear off your roof:

Hire a professional snow removal company. If your roof is particularly high, it is much safer to hire a professional snow removal service to remove the snow from your roof.

Use binoculars. Try to see your roof's condition by using binoculars. In most cases, you can see everything you need without having to get on top.

Rake it up. Use a rake to force built-up snow onto the ground.

Do warm weather installations. Consider installing radiant heat in the warmer months to keep your roof temperature above freezing. You can also install an ice barrier, used mostly on metal roofs, to prevent snow from sticking.

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