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Thursday Aug 31st, 2017


You may have noticed your tax correspondence has a new look. That's because the Canada Revenue Agency has been taking steps to improve the way it communicates with taxpayers by making its correspondence easier to read. In February 2016, the CRA revealed its new Notice of Assessment and Notice of Reassessment for individuals, as part of its Simplified Correspondence project. The project was launched in 2015 to improve the readability, design and accessibility of more than 130 million pieces of correspondence sent out to Canadians each year. As a result, notices are easier to read and understand, with all key information clearly stated on one page.

Starting in February 2017, you can expect additional changes to your tax correspondence, including your NOA. Individuals will receive enhanced notices that now hide social insurance numbers to protect personal information. The enhanced notices will also have a column with information explaining how you were assessed, and what that means for your tax obligations. These improvements will make it easier for you to spend less time reading your notice and more time on things that matter to you.

Ongoing improvements to correspondence like the NOA and NOR are just one of the ways the Government of Canada is delivering on its commitment to improving the way the CRA communicates with Canadians. Your correspondence is changing line by line, so keep an eye out for more changes in the next few months.

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