Modern meets rustic for fashionably fresh décor

Thursday Aug 31st, 2017


With so many interior design styles to choose from, you may be torn between a chic rustic home or cool contemporary space. According to Sharon Grech, colour and design expert for Benjamin Moore, there is no need to limit your décor choices to one look. Combining two opposing styles can feel current and leave a lasting impression. Here, she shares suggestions on how to master the art of mixing modern and rustic interior décor.

The 80/20 rule. “This is the perfect formula for combining different trends,” explains Grech. “The main style should be represented in 80 per cent of the space and the other 20 per cent should be the contrasting style. If most of your furniture is rustic, try adding modern touches such as an edgy coffee table and sleek lighting.” Conversely, if most of your existing furniture is modern, accent with textured and repurposed pieces like woven mats, a wooden rocking chair or even antique vases or jugs with local flowers.

Natural beauty. “Layering in earthy and natural materials will effortlessly unite modern and rustic styles, creating a cozy yet current space,” says Grech. Existing features like exposed beams, reclaimed wood or a stone fireplace naturally lend country charm to any room. For homes that need a modern infusion, try adding small accents in natural materials to bring warmth and texture, like a wicker side table, linen throws and pillows or a jute rug.

Keep calm and colour on. Colour plays a crucial role when it comes to mixing different interior decor styles. “For contemporary rustic decor, I recommend soft, subtle colours that can be considered both classic and modern,” says Grech. “Whites, beiges and blues are perfect for a home that is blending two different styles. My go-to shades for a contemporary rustic vibe are Ballet White OC-9 and Grey Owl 2137-60 in a flat finish.”

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