Simple home updates before the holidays

Monday Nov 06th, 2017


Holiday entertaining can be stressful, and every good host wants to impress. Before the cooking begins and the guests arrive, consider tackling a few projects that will refresh your space to make a great impression without breaking the bank. Depending on your skill level, here are a few quick ideas from The Home Depot Canada to inspire and inform.

Beginner: Modernize your hardware. Stay on trend by upgrading your cabinet knobs and pulls. To give your space a contemporary feel, look for on-trend hardware in matte black, rose gold or brass. If the new pull is the same size as the old one, simply unscrew from behind and replace. If you need to resize, fill the existing holes with a durable wood filler, sand and touch-up. Then make a paper template with the new hole spacing marked center on the drawer, and drill the new holes to install hardware. This frugal fix packs a lot of bang for your buck.

Novice: Refresh your kitchen faucet. The kitchen is the heart every home, and during the holidays it will likely be the centre of the party. Impress guests with a quick and trendy faucet update. First, determine how many holes exist in your sink or in your countertop if you have an under-mount sink. This determines what type of replacement faucet will fit. Three and four-hole sinks are the most common. If you have a three-hole, you can choose a faucet with two accessories, such as a soap dispenser or sprayer. You also can select a double-handle faucet with one accessory or a single-handle with a deck plate such as American Standard's Fairbury gooseneck faucet. Whether your style calls for a matte black farmhouse look or a sleek, polished chrome modern aesthetic, this upgrade offers both practicality and stylish design.

Expert: Upgrade your toilet. With extra bustle in your home this season, consider replacing your toilet to save on water bills and cleaning. Look for high-efficiency models with enough flushing power to eliminate the stress of emergency clogging. Choose a high-power model like the Champion from American Standard, which earned its title for its ability to move masses 70 per cent larger than a standard toilet. So, if your visiting nephew accidentally throws the toilet paper roll in the bowl, worry not because this toilet will flush it down. The best part is that no tools are required for installation and it includes everything you need to make the swap.

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