Space shifting: 5 tips to transition from sprawling to small

Thursday Jul 25th, 2019


Rising house prices and the convenience of built-in amenities and property maintenance have combined to entice many to make the trade from a larger home to condominiums. To make this major lifestyle change easier, check out these space-saving suggestions :

  1. Choose multi-functional furniture. Maximize your space by looking for extra storage opportunities in any new furniture. Storage solutions come built into many modern ottomans and couches, which can open up or slide out to provide hidden compartments. When arranging your furniture, select fewer pieces to reduce visual clutter. Also, if you avoid blocking windows it will open up the space.
  2. Opt for built-in shelving. Transform empty wall space into a storage opportunity. Shelves installed above doorways or below windows create a unique, style. For added functionality and charm, use a short hallway or corner space for bookshelves and closed cabinets.
  3. Create optical illusions. You can fake a larger space with mirrors and heightened lighting. Place mirrors opposite windows to add depth and brightness. A light and monochromatic colour scheme can also help create continuity throughout and extend your perception into the next room.
  4. Downsize your appliances. Look for cordless cleaning tools built for small-space living like Hoover’s OnePwr Floormate Jet hard floor cleaner, which has a lightweight, slim profile and works on wood, tile, vinyl and area rugs.
  5. Organize your everything. Inserting drawer and cupboard organizers can help to maximize the number of items you can fit in while keeping your belongings orderly and easy to locate.

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