Spending time outside contributes to better mental and physical health

Thursday Jun 04th, 2020


While it’s no surprise that being outdoors contributes to better physical health, a recent study shows it can also improve mental health.

The study combined data from one million Danish residents and found that children who were raised surrounded by nature and green spaces had a 55 per cent lower incidence of developing mental health issues as adults.

Going for walks and enjoying areas like parks, sports fields or even your own backyard has shown to provide enjoyment for families and contributes to happier and healthier communities.

It’s not uncommon for these green spaces to come under threat from insects, weeds and diseases, but there are tools – like urban pesticides – to help manage these threats and keep outdoor spaces healthy and enjoyable. They come in consumer formulations diluted for use at home as well as commercial-grade products designed for use by people with specialized training, like those at lawn care and landscaping companies.

Pesticides are effective and safe. Before any pesticide can be sold here, it must be approved by Health Canada. Our regulatory process is stringent, world renowned, and ensures all pesticides used in Canada are safe for both people and the environment.


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