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Thursday Aug 31st, 2017


Looking for a new year's resolution that's safe, effective and easy to keep? If you're considering any home renovations in 2017, use these tips from the Ontario College of Trades to ensure the tradespeople you hire are qualified for the job.

1. Do your due diligence when hiring. While the vast majority of tradespeople are ethical and qualified, you should research the people and businesses you are considering for your own peace of mind. Keep in mind that there are 22 compulsory trades in Ontario, including plumbers and electricians. Anyone practicing the work of these trades is legally required to be certified and a member of the Ontario College of Trades.

2. Check the Public Register before hiring. The College offers an easy-to-use online Public Register that lets consumers and employers look up tradespeople's credentials. Only those working in one of the compulsory trades are required to be members, but you can also find tradespeople who work in voluntary trades if they have elected to be members.

3. Hire only registered tradespeople: Ask to see credentials. All individuals completing the work of any compulsory trade must hold a college membership card. This card indicates the name(s) of the trade(s) the individual has received certification in and includes an 8-digit personalized membership number. This membership number can be used to verify their status on the public register.

4. Consider appropriate standards. Ask yourself, “would I hire an uncertified doctor?” If not, then why would you hire an uncertified electrician to rewire your home?

Keep your family and business safe from work performed by uncertified workers by following these steps.

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